Help For Veterans

Helping veterans get the help they need.

Unfortunately, many Veterans are unaware of all the benefits that they are entitled to. The facts for existing and returning Veterans seeking benefits are shockingly lacking. There is limited federal help available for veterans, their spouses, and family. And that is only gained by the most informed in a federal system that is very slow.

Here at the Foundation we can inform the Veterans and help them obtain those benefits.

Benefits Counseling

We offer a wide variety of benefits counseling to our Veterans. There are several types of benefits we can help with. Speak with a counselor today.

Job Counseling

We offer job counseling to our Veterans. Interested and want to meet a job counselor come in and explore your options. We are here to help in any way we can. You are not alone.

Education Counseling

Our Counselors offer help in choosing the right educational facility that best suits their needs. Whatever field you wish to go into we are here to help guide you on the path of success.

Career Counseling

Helping our military Veterans get the education and access to resources they need to find their dream career or to start a business of their own.

Someone to talk to

Coffee, baked goods, someone to talk to? Are you in need of hygienic Items? They are only available sometimes but when they are we are happy to help with what ever we have on hand.